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About WeMedico

WeMedico is a unique communication platform for doctors linked through hospitals, societies, and various events such as conferences, seminars, workshops, and social gatherings. This single app helps doctors communicate with colleagues and fellow members, discuss professional challenges within a group, communicate one-on-one, get information on various professional events and register online, and keep track of CME points and certificates.This platform also serves as backbone for hospitals and societies for formal and secured communication with their associates and members. WeMedico can quickly be adapted by organiser for an event wherein participants can collaborate, share, discuss, and socialise during, pre and post event.

About IPLit

IPLit is a A Technology Startup Company focusing on Healthcare IT. We believe that our solutions, conceptualized by doctors and professionals shall ease out some of the pain areas of healthcare industry.

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Publish Events

Reach out to pan India for

Nominate & confirm participation
for relevant Events

Get Candid Feedback

Hospital/Society/Event Organiser
can post opinion poll or survey and
get frank feedback from doctors


Keep in touch through personal

Professional Collaboration

Share views, images, videos, and
other documents with colleagues

CME Tracker

Keeps track of CME points and

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Absolutely Free for Doctors!

Hospitals & Societies

Hospitals & Societies can set
WeMedico for robust and secured
communication with members for
annual subscription fee.

Event Organisers

Event Organisers can subscribe to
WeMedico a fixed duration and
have their delegates collaborate on
this platform.

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